• Heating elements

    Switchpoint heating kits: Ready made heating elements in required lengths with plug. Can also be supplied in running metre with all necessary materials included to manufacture elements at track

  • Switch point rod heater

    The switch rod heater is mounted under the point rod. The rod must be kept free from snow and ice and heat is supplied to the critical points on the switch.

  • BS Switch drive

    BS Verkstäders self-designed point machine is widely used in rail yards and on industrial tracks. The BS-80 point machine has a bi-directional free flow hydraulic valve which makes it trailable, even in the event of a power failure. The train driver controls the point machine from the train engine by means of a control box with a push button (it can also be controlled remotely). An illuminated arrow clearly indicates the point status.

  • 4-way block

    The 4-way block is a specially manufactured connecting block with a 8-core cable supplying 4 elements

  • 8-core cable

    Supply cable from cubicle to connection block through a junction box or a cable joint

  • Connection cable

    Supply cable from cubicle to connection block through a junction box or a cable joint .

  • Cable joint

    Is used to connect two cables without use of shrinking tube or filling compound.

  • Junction box

    Water proof junction box

  • Cable duct

    Plastic cable ducts is ideal for laying in signal and communication lines underground on railway routes and in power plants and industrial installations

  • Mounting clips

    Clips is used to keep the heating element or the heating cables with protective channel on place on the rail foot.

  • Protective channel

    The channel shall be placed above heating element as mechanical protection.

  • Protective cover

    To protect the 4-way block from mechanical damage for example when power brushing rail.

  • Transformer box

    Protects switchpoint heating power panel and common power net from galvanic contact with train power.

  • Control cabinets

    6 Standard designs ::: Master 2, 4 & 6 switches ::: Slav 2, 4 & 6 switches One master can be combined with several slave cabinets to extend the system

  • Cabinet enclosure

    Specially designed construction of the cabinet in connection with additional elements ensure fast and comfortable assembly of equipment.

  • Pedestal & Cable pocket

    It is important that the cubicles have a solid base to stand on.

  • MegaPoint

    A triac system build in modules of 8.

  • Accessories

    In addition to those in the picture we have a variety of other accessories

Rail Switchpoint Heating Solutions

SwitchPoint Heating  Has been working for a ultimate way to heat rail and switch points for more than 30 years, using feedback from our customers adapting their knowledge and desires for improvement at our products. Our goal has been combining functionality with easy handling, installation, bringing down power consumption and at the same time increasing function as well as  safety.

Our solution for switch point heating uses a technique where all rails are heated with low power elements instead of heating two rails with high power to get a heat transfer by radiation from support rail to moving rail. To us this seems like throwing away expensive electric power.

By keeping rail at a temperature just above 0°C during season when snow and ice can hazard security in railway traffic installed power can be kept low, temperature regulation is combined with a snow sensor  overriding temperature control at precipitation in combination with temperature below +3°C

Our system brings possibility to heat all rails with a minimum of connection points. It´s possible to double or triple power output at sensitive areas locally with multiple elements connecting to end of stock rail element with a quick junction

Flexible Rail Heating Elements

Self-limiting Elements (max 130W/m) Are easy to transport and handle delivered as a coil with only a few kilos weight. Elements length can be adjusted on site with simple tools. Easy to install with supplied details.[/one_half_last]

The self limiting function in the element prevents element from burn out.

Elements are delivered as customised ready-to-use units or cut-to-length units.  Elements are installed at rail with stainless steel channels  and spring steelclips with various size for different rail types.

Elements can be installed side by side to double powerat a part or all or switchpoint to ensure good function at location with harsh weather conditions. In extreme locations elements can be installed at the inside of support rail to extend power as a complement.

Minimising interference during installation and maintenance

All connections are made by “Quick connect plugs” IP68. This system minimises “time in track with” “plug-in” and “turn to lock” function.

8-Core connection cable brings possibility to monitor all elements separately, detailed alarm signal brings easy maintenance.

One failing element does not affect function of remaining system.

Smart Control Panels

Computer controlled triac based control panels, module built for easy extension with built-in touch screen computer (one master panel can control several slave panels)

Control panel can be remote accessed by intranet, internet or modem, parameters can be changed, logged values for current, temperatures, errors, power-on, presented as diagrams or downloaded for further processing in ex. Excel.

Elements are monitored separately for all errors and alarms can be sent via SMS or internet for instant alert of maintenance personnel at fault.

Standard enclosures in fibreglass reinforced plastic with integrated dig down ground stand, enclosures in steel or aluminium if needed.

Light Weight Power Cable Channels

Install cables with dig down channels made by recycled plastics. Easy access, Heavy duty self-lock  channels withstanding drive over with vehicles.

Weight 7 Kg/m brings low cost for transportation and easy handling.