Velox Transformerbox Switchpoint heating 110/120V

Switchpoint/Rail heating at railways, subways, tramways.

Protects switchpoint heating power panel and common power net from galvanic contact with train power.

Net protected by 4 pcs insulation transformers.

Heating power protected by RCBO.

Technical data:

Approved, tested by CE
Enclosure material/colour: ABS/Grey
Enclosure class: IP65 (IP67)
Test voltage: 700 VDC
Supply voltage: 4 x 110 / 120 VDC
Output 4 x 110VDC / 600 VA
Max operating temperature +40°C
Min operating temperature -40°C
Min Installation temperature -30°C
Connection system In / Out 10-pole plug IP68
Indication lamps: Power out
Dimension 540 x 300 mm
Ground stand: 700 mm
Weight: 34 kg

Orderinfo Denomination
 VX1000E Transformer box England




trafobox300x540x150 Buat