Control Cabinets

VX2000 Master 2 switches
VX2000S Slave 2 switches
VX4000 Master 4 switches
VX4000S Slave 4 switches
VX6000 Master 6 switches
VX6000S Slave 6 switches
VX2000E Master 2 switches
VX2000SE Slave 2 switches
VX4000E Master 4 switches
VX4000SE Slave 4 switches
VX6000E Master 6 switches
VX6000SE Slave 6 switches

All cubicles without enclosure and under reconstruction.

  • Lifting brackets for lifting plus ease of installation
  • 3 point locking mechanism with L handle.
  • Adjustable Unistrut racking.
  • Double‐door on both sides of cabinet for easy
    access to equipment.
  • Passive ventilation system.
  • Large cable entry access.
  • Specialised door stay brackets/hooks.
  • Fully earthed.
  • Hinged, lift off doors.
  • Available in single or double location case width.
  • Available in galvanised steel and powder coated or
    stainless steel finish.
  • The cubicles are constructed in accordance to EN‐
  • We follow local standards where EU‐standards are
    not accepted or are enough.
  • All cubicle delivered requires in accordance with
    EU‐ standard for CE‐marking.
  • Our cubicles are delivered with a free space of at
    least 30% for eventual future components.
  • New functions: for example measuring of operation
    to be discussed with customer how space should be