Velox Protective Channel


Area of use

The channel shall be placed above heating element as mechanical protection.

The poor heat transfer through the channel enlarges heat transfer to rail.

The channel is available in two shapes, one standard and the other one flexible, with “jagged edge” which makes it possible to turn the channel against the neck of the rail and also simplify forming over unevenesses.

Technical data

Dimension: See sketch
Material Stainless steel, acid proof 2348 or 302
Artnr: VX6-16-F  Protective Channel 1,0m Flexible 16mm
VX6-8-1 Protective Channel 1,0m Standard 8 mm
VX6-12-1 Protective Channel 1,0m Standard 12 mm
VX6-12_F Protective Channel 1,0m Flexible 12 mm
VX6-16-1 Protective Channel 1,0m Standard 16 mm
VX6-16-F Protective Channel 1,0m Flexible 16 mm
VX6-18-9 Protective Channel 1,0m glass fabric
VX6-6-2-2 Protective Channel 1,0m double


Example of flexible channel fitted over obstruction in rail section.

Example of standard channel

Cable installed under protective channel in jaw block

Cable installed under switch rod

Cable installed under jaw blocks on stock rail

Cable installed where there are no place under switch rod

Cable installed where there are no place under switch rod