Velox Plug socket connection TH408

Velox TH408-Plug socket connection, IP68


Technical data

IP680.5 BAR 5MT 1 ORA

PTI 175Min/max Ø cable, double seal

th408-3 Ø 5 ÷ 14mm


 PA66 UL94 V2 GWT 850°c -20°C
■ Black -20°C
Grey RAL 7035 -125°C
Rubber: Silicone-SEBS-TPE V
Ring closure: Nickel plated brass

Nickel plated brass
Silverplated brass
Zinc plated steel

 Pin-crimp IP68
 > For universal cylindric pin Ø2 th408-5


ce EN 61984:2001


2-3-5-6-poles plug-socket connection. IP68 pro-tection. Easy wiring. Pin crimp or bush connection, or hybrid pin crimp/brush. IP68 protection. Coupling with threaded metal ring.

Orderinfo Denomination
VX225 Plug-socket male IP68
VX232 Plug-socket female IP68

Interchangeable connections


Rated current: 25A
Impulse withstand voltage 6kV
Temperature range: 0-125°C
Cable max: 362,5°
Installation torque glands: Nm 2,5

Pin Crimp



 th408-tillbehor-1 6DB000800 Double yellow seal Ø15,5 – Øi 8 th408-3 Ø 5 ÷ 14 mm
 th408-tillbehor-2 604001800 Yellow seal  Ø15,5 – Øi 12  th408-3 Ø 9 ÷ 14 mm
th408-tillbehor-3 600012500 Yellow seal  Ø15,5 2 Hole Ø 3.5
 th408-tillbehor-4 600012600 Yellow seal  Ø15,5 3 Hole Ø 3.5
 th408-tillbehor-5 600018200 Yellow seal  Ø15,5 4 Hole Ø 3.5
 th408-tillbehor-6 600012700 Yellow seal  Ø15,5 Slot Ø 11 x 5.5
 th408-tillbehor-7 600013600 Yellow seal  Ø15,5 1 Hole Ø 3.5
 th408-tillbehor-8 600013700 Yellow seal  Ø15,5 Blinde Hole
 th408-tillbehor-9 604001100 Black seal  Ø15,5  th408-3 Ø 5 ÷ 9 mm
 th408-tillbehor-10 6DB015700 Cable bracketth408-tillbehor-11
th408-tillbehor-12 600012200 Modules adapter for TH388-404-405 3 poles version
 th408-tillbehor-13 600009600 Modules adapter for TH388-404-405 5 poles version
 th408-tillbehor-17 6DB00750C 6 pole closure cap to hook modules in TH388-404-405
 th408-tillbehor-15 6DB00400C 6 pole closure cap with silicone belt to hook modules in TH388-404-405
 th408-tillbehor-16 6DB00900C Closure cap with silicone belt for TH405-406-630
 th408-tillbehor-17 6000049CC
Grey 7035
paragraf Closure cap for TH405-406-630
 th408-tillbehor-18 6000087LF
Hole Ø 9
Adapter for nut CH Ø 24mm For small dimensions or soft (silicon-rubber) cables, the adapter applied on nut compress even more the seal on the cable.
 th408-tillbehor-19 6000156LF
Blind Hole