Velox Plastic cable duct

Velox Plastic Cable Duct

MPO plastic cable duct is ideal for laying in signal and communication lines underground on railway routes and in power plants and industrial installations. The fact that it can be laid  so simply and quickly is particularly useful with short closing times or on difficult ground. Its structural design ensures that it is very stable in spite of its low weight and it provides cables and pipes with effective protection against external influences.

  • horizontal segments — increase weight substantially when installed
  • can be laid above ground if earth nails are used
  • cover can be installed over two troughs
  • cover can be firmly connected even when open
  • covers can be opened individually
  • cables and pipes that have been laid are easily accessible anywhere and at any time
  • cables and pipes are effectively protected against external influences
  • no earthing or insulation necessary
  • easy adjustments on-site — with the help of woodworking tools the duct can be angled off as required, junctions can be attached and height differences can be overcome
  • cable duct can be laid simply and quickly, cutting down closure times for assembly
  • light weight
  • stable design
  • no jointing components
  • maintenance-free
  • MPO plastic cable duct is reusable
  • 100 % recyclable
  • highly economical



Orderinfo VX4090751 Plastic cable duct L = 1m/Y = 200×230/l = 100x h155mm
VX4090752 Plastic cable duct L = 1m/Y = 340×230/l240 x H155mm

Technical data

 Size 1 i.F Storlek 2 i.F.
Length: approx. 1000mm approx. 1000m
Width (Int./Ext.): 100 mm/200 mm 240 mm/340 mm
Height (Int./Ext.)) 155 mm/230 mm 155 mm/230 mm
Weight: approx. 7kg approx. 9 kg
Material: PP recyclate with additives
Fire behaviour: Fire protection class K 1 in accordance with DIN 53438 Part 2
Therm. characteristics: Continuous thermal stability from -30°C to +80°C
Electr. characteristics: Compliance DIN EN IEC 60243-1 (VDE 0303)
Breakdown voltage: 49.5 kV AC / mm
Dielectric strength: 22.9 kV AC / mm
Mechanical data: Load capacity of 15 KN — without breakage according to DIN EN 1433
Licens: German Federal Railway office (Einsenbahnbundesamt 21AZ2/1005/1