Velox Connection cable


Area of use

This connection cable is injection moulded in one piece by polyurethane or rubber PUR.

Pins are fitted to socket by injection moulding and are not possible to rewire. The injection moulding process ensures the cables withstands more than 400N pull test.

The plug is provided with a safety locking ring.

Technical data

Cable: PUR 2 x 2.5mm² (20 A)
PCP 2 x 1.5mm² (16 A)
Contact resistance: <0.01 Ohm
Insulation resistance:  >500M Ohm
Operating voltage:  600 VDC/440VAC
Operating temperature: PUR -50 – +100°C
PCP –20 – +70°C
Contact material: gold-plated copper-base alloy (gold-plate acc. To MIL-G 45204). Contact are solded to the wire.
Conductor resistances:  TC 1.5mm² max 13.3 W/m
TC 2.5 mm² max 8.21 W/m
Material guide pin: 304 stainless steel
Jacket: PUR Polyurethane, double insulated
PCP Polychloroprene, Double insulated Konti
Dimension cable: 10mm Ø

Order info Denomination
VX227 Connector FEMALE incl. locking ring
VX223 Connector MALE 2 x 2.5mm² incl. locking ring
VX231 Plug kit SL 4 pcs
VX232 Connector VX-TE IP68 FEMALE


Test at RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) in Borås showing excellent strength. All cables are tested under water with 240 supplied before leaving the factory.