Velox Connection cable without plug



  1. Conductor tinned copper 2 x 2.5mm²
  2. EPR Insulated rubber
  3. Sheath in Poleurethane (PUR)

Area of use

Supply cable from cubicle to connection block through a junction box or a cable joint .

Technical data

Cable: Velox 2×2.5mm²
Velox 2×1.5mm²
Colour: orange 2.5mm²/black 1.5mm²
Jacket: Outer jacket in polyurethane
Testvoltage: 3000V. Nominal 750 Volt.
Area: 2 x 2.5 mm²/2 x 1.5mm²
Conductor (tinned cupper): 1.5mm² standard
Insulation resistance:  100 Mohm
Conductors: Black 1.5mm 1 x white
Black 1.5mm 1 x blue
Orange: 2.5mm 1 x blue
Orange: 2.5mm 1 x black
Manufacturing standard.: VDE 0282 Class 5
Jacket: Poleurethane, double insulated Class II VDE 0295 Class 5
Conductor resistance.: VDE 0295 TC 1.5 mm² – max. 13.3 W/m
TC 2.5mm² – max. 8.21W/m
Dimension cable: 10 mm Ø

Order info Denomination
VX224 Connection cable without plug 2.5mm²
Technical data poleurethane PUR/TPU vs rubber PCP/CR

Abbreviation (1) PUR/TPU PCP/CR
Thermal characteristics
Thermal resistance
20,000 h (°C)
24 h (°C)
Short-circuit (°C) 200 200
Resistance to cold -55 -25
Mechanical Characteristics
Tensile strength (N/mm²) ≥ 25 ≥ 10
Elongation at break (%) ≥ 300 ≥ 300
Abrasion resistance Excellent Good
Flexibility Satisfactory Excellent
Electrical characteristics
Volume resistivity at 20°C (Ωcm) 10 e12 10 e10
Dielectric constant at 1 kHz 7 8
Fire characteristics
Flame retardant No Yes
Free from halogen Yes No
Corrosive combustion gases No Yes
Smoke generation Averge Strong
Resistance to
Ionizing radiation (kGy) 5000 500
Solvents Satisfactory Satisfactory
Oil and fuels Good Good
Acids and alkaline solutions Satisfactory Satisfactory
Water/Hydrolysis Excellent Good
Weather/UV-radiation Good Good