Velox 4-way block


 Range of application:

The 4-way block is a specially manufactured connecting block with a 8-core cable supplying 4 elements.

Connection to heating element is IP68-rated with safety locking. Cables are connected inside by insulated crimp joints.

The block is supplied with four leads with socket couplers 900mm/1200mm and with 80m 8-core connection cable.

Technical data:

The 4-way block and connection cable is injection moulded of polyurethane which are extremely resistant against oil, moisture and UV radiation and has more than IP67 protection class.

The 4-way block have a 2 x 1.2m long plug (female – see separate data on page 22) and 2 x 0.8m long plug (female).

The 8-core cable – 8m 8 x 2.5mm² polyurethane cable in accordance with CE and VDE 0282 Class 5.

Colour (outer jacket): Orange or black
Conductor colour, jacketed: 2 x yellow no 1 Stock rail
2 x blue no 2 Moving rail
2 x brown no 3 Moving rail
2 x black no 4 Stock rail
Dimensions connection cable: 18 mm Ø
Min. temperature:  -50°C
Max. temperature: +100°C
Insulation resistance:  >100 Mohm
Cable have TC copper as standard.
Conductor Resistance.: TC 2.5mm² – max. 8.21 Ohm/km Denomination
 VX316O 4-way junction block with extension sleeve, 8 m connection 2.5mm² Orange
VX316B 4-way junction block with extension sleeve, 8 m connection 2.5mm² Black


The block is marked with 1,2,3,4. Seen from the beginning of the switch 1,2 is to the left and 3,4 to the right.

Test method

4 pcs of 2-core cables with female plug are jointed to 8- core cable with crimp connector. The core set is individually tested, 1500 VDC insulation test and continuity test, as well as visual and dimensional inspection to ensure void free moldings and a full bond onto the  cable has been achieved.

After this, the core set are placed in a mould tool (4-way block) which is filled with Polyurethane/PUR, this is then cured in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations until full hardness is reached.

Final inspection is done and a final electrical test before it is packaged and dispatched.