BS Switch Drive

BS Switch Drive

A trailable switch for depots and industrial tracks


  • Protective box that is mounted between the sleepers available in placement to the side of the track and in the middle of the track.
  • Hydraulic assembly complete with motor, double acting piston, 10 kN in both directions, and springs, 7kN wich are integrated to operate the drive.
  • Detection device with boundary limits.
  • Operating box with attendance button for start of switching (can also be remote controlled).
  • Control cabinet (three different types depending on placement of the switch drive.


Switching sequence

  • Switching is started using the control button, switching tme approximately 3 seconds, or if traffic comes from tha trailing direction.
  • The hydraulic valve require no electricity for opening for the oil flow and therefore the switch is trailable during a power outage.


  • Indication of the switch direction is not showed until the position switch is securely actuated.
  • Indicating box shows an arrow in the travelling direction.

Installation and maintenance

The switch drive can be easily installed and removed making both installation and maintenance highly accessible. An installed drive can be replaced in 15 minutes.


SL Infrateknik AB (Stockholm, Sweden) have installed approximately 680 pcs of BS Trailable Switch drives in their depots. The BS Drive also installed on the Arlanda (Airport Stockholm Sweden). Jernhusen (Swedish Depot Operator), approximately 90 pcs.



For further images, visit BS Verkstäder