Parallel resistive heating cable



Parallel resistive cables can be bought as running metre for making-up on the site. This admits a good flexibility both at new production and repairs. The cable has a constant output per metre irrespective of length and temperature and can be cut on regular distances, most often between 0.5 to 1.2 metres dependent on module lengths from different suppliers.

The heating element in a parallel resistive cable consists of a resistance wire which is coiled round the insulated front conductors, at the so called contact points (these have been marked as waist on the outer side of the cable) have the resistance wire contact against one of the conductors alternating for each contact point.

The insulation material and the sheath consist normally of teflon-material.

There is more detailed information in the cable data sheets.

The heating cable is designed with earth braid that also works as an armouring and corrosion protected sheath of teflon where this is not possible by high temperatures.

Parallel resistive heating cables gives a solid output per meter independent of the ambient temperature. They have no starting current and can therefore be connected in relatively long lengths, (see cable data sheets).