Patch Antenna


Antenna for weather and wind

A robust and weatherproof antenna that work with current and future cellular, ISM-band at 868 MHz and wifi. The antenna is robust yet discreet, and has a sleek design that makes snow and ice sticks to it so easily.

Flexible mounting

The antenna provides flexible mounting on various ma-terials and surfaces, it can be screwed onto a wall, at-tached to a cabinet or in a false ceiling. Installation is simple and only requires one to three holes drilled, one for an antenna cable and, depending on the surface, two holes for screw with a nut on the back, or tapping screws or screws and dowels.

We recommend these antennas in front of the so-called puck antennas because they offer a higher de-gree of amplification, in addition the installation is sim-ple and requires no special tools.

Prooved performance

The antenna have been delivered worldwide for many years and is a proven reliable product. Normally it comes with 1 meter cable and SMA connector but we can make other execution upon request.


Technical data

Frequency r ange: 868/900/1800/1900/2100/2400/2600 MHz
Antenna gain:
868-968 MHz:
1710-2170 MHz
2400-2690 MHz
2,15 dBi
4,15 dBi
3,15 dBi
Dimension:  136x48x42 mm
Temperature range: -40 to 85°C
Contact: SMA male
Length of cable: 1m

Order info  Denomination:
 3950545 Patch antenna GSM/3G/4G Wifi, ISM