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Om Switchpoint HeatingWe have been working with industrial heating about 30 years and with switchpoint heating for about 20 years. It all started when we got a contract with SL subway in Stockholm who had problems with getting a working system easy to maintain.

We began to develop a system regarding low energy consumption with high durability easy to maintain, and that resulted in a product that we started selling to SL at the same time other companies in Sweden and Europe started to take interest in our product.

In the late 90’ts did SPH together with several European railway companies and railway suppliers formed a commission to discuss improvement for switchpoint heating systems and as well trying to write a international standard for working systems. This work has progressed along the years hopefully improving safety and economics for all parts.

Today we have a well working system with all parts included, elements, installation details and control cabinets with remote administration over the internet that we deliver mainly to England and Sweden but several countries are buying smaller amounts for evaluating functgion in their switchpoints. System has its big advantages in low energy consumption, easy installation and maintenance with short “time-in-track”.

We try to be open-minded and keep on developing our system to suit all climates and the same time bringing down cost for energy, installation and maintenance with highest SAFETY as a goal.

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Telephone: +46-301 418 50


@mail: info@switchpointheating.se

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